Lighting Categories

Lighting Solutions of All Shapes & Sizes

Are you planning a new build? Do you need reliable, affordable modern lighting fixtures? You’ve come to the right place. Dainolite has been providing clients across North America with luxury lighting fixtures for over 30 years.

Our amazing catalogue of over 2000 SKUs covers every type of lighting solution you could imagine; all designed to fit beautifully into any style of build. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a builder, designer, contractor, specifier or DIY’er, Dainolite’s products are sold through over 1,500 vendors and lighting wholesalers, making our turnkey catalogue readily available for your next project.


Modern Chandeliers Can Elevate Any Room Design

If pure elegance could be transformed into a luxury lighting fixture, it would be one of our chandeliers.

No other lighting solution is quite as lavish and praise-worth as a luxury crystal chandelier. They elevate the design of any room they’re used and create a tone that’s both high-class and stylish.

Floor Lamps

Luxury Floor Lamps Helps the Design of Sitting Area to Shine

Sitting areas have never been easier and more enjoyable to arrange for lighting designers with Dainolite’s amazing collection of luxury floor lamps.

Perfect for showrooms, offices, hospitality lighting and lights for living room or sitting areas, these wonderful lighting solutions come in a wide array of both decorative and task varieties.

Flush Mounts

Low Ceilings Doesn’t Mean Low-Quality with Flush Mount Lights

When space is limited, it can feel like your lighting solutions are limited as well.
However, Dainolite’s stunning collection of flush mount lights come in a huge range of colours and styles, making it a very versatile variety of luxury lighting fixture.

Perfect for formal and informal settings, flush mounts are a phenomenal choice for both professional and hospitality lighting.

Pendant Lights

Luxury Pendant Lighting Can Add Elegance to Your Next Build

A wonderful combination of form and functionality, luxury pendant lighting becomes more popular each year.

Combining the extravagance of modern chandelier lights with the efficiency of a semi-flush mount light, pendant lights have become a staple for almost any type of room. Try using pendant lights for kitchen and bathroom renovations to raise the overall quality of your design, without sacrificing a lot of space or adding excessive cost.

Picture Lights

Task Lighting Solutions at Their Finest

One of the most overlooked types of contemporary lighting fixtures, these task lights are exactly the kind of luxury lighting you can use to accentuate your artistic design choices.

They make fantastic hospitality lighting for hotels and restaurants, which routinely use hanging art and murals in their décor; as well as offices and businesses, who use them to illuminate important signs and educational posters.

Semi-Flush Mounts

Hospitality Lighting has Never Looked so Good

Versatility and reliability are possibly the most sought-after features lighting designers look for when they are searching for a modern light fixture.

Thankfully, Dainolite has an amazing selection of top-quality semi-flush lights, which can be modified to function with different ceiling heights and come in a huge variety of styles.

Wall Lights & Sconces

A Fantastic Choice for Interior & Exterior Lighting Solutions

With all the focus on interior lighting design, sometimes exterior lighting solutions can be left to the wayside or overlooked. The fact of the matter is that luxury exterior lighting is just as crucial to the overall design of your building as your interior work.

In fact, for hotels and restaurants, exterior hospitality lighting can have a huge impact on the first impressions of guests. So much so, it could impact their entire experience before they’ve even stepped foot inside. Luckily, Dainolite has a large number of wall lights and sconces that are flexible enough to work for both exterior and interior lighting designs.


Vanity Lights

Take Your Next Bathroom Build to the Next Level

Trends have a way of fading away, only to come back more popular than ever down the road.
This is exactly the kind of resurgence we’ve seen with luxury vanity lights, which have become hugely popular among bathroom and bedroom lighting designers.

Available in an incredible range of styles, there’s no reason why these lighting solutions can’t be as big or little a part of your room design as you’d prefer. The only limit is your imagination.

Table Lamps

Our Contemporary Table Lamps Add Beauty & Functionality to Any Workspace

For every type of surface where you might consider placing a luxury table lamp, there is a design in our catalogue to fit your needs.

Bedside tables, desks at work and home, counters, coffee tables and end tables; the list goes on and on. With all of our choices at your fingertips, you’ll be trying to find more tables to utilize.